Ginza Project & Jagger City represent Jagger Hall!

Jagger Hall is a banquet area in the heart of Moscow. It is located close to the prestigious offices and business centers, including the Wolrd Trade Center.
The new spacious loft is located in a historic buildings of Trekhgornaya Factory. The interior of vintage brick walls, massive wooden beams, light flooring & large windows framed by heavy is ideal for celebrations and banquets. The total area is more than 1000 sq.m.
The total area is more than 1000 sq.m

The total area is more than 1000 sq.m

Universal layout can accommodate from 400 to 2000 guests.

Large folding stage. Two large comfortable dressing room with shower.


The space is universal and can accommodate from 400 to 2000 guests.
Large folding stage. Two large comfortable dressing rooms with shower.


From May to October JAGGER is a summer terrace, which accomodates up to 800 people and allows guests to spend the warmer days on open air. A big open platform welcomes you at the entrance, allowing to install advertising structures of any size, cars, motorcycles or snowmobiles for various presentations. We also offer you Jagger Bar, equipped with high-quality sound and light, which can become a lovely welcome-seating or extra room for your event.
Jagger Hall offers a variety of cuisine: European, Eastern or any other according to the customer — our experienced chefs are always ready to propose interesting solutions to the most demanding taste. The menu includes a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, an extensive tea card, cigars and hookahs.
Before you decide to rent a Hall for corporate events (including the New Year party), weddings or any other events, please check out our photos:
 Jagger Hall has an easy access and secure parking for 15 cars. The proximity of the Garden Ring and the central highways makes it easy to get here from any part of the city.
Banquet service contacts:
Cell.: +7 (926) 150-29-33
Телефон банкетной службы: +7 (495) 961-75-65
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  • Ginza Project & Jagger City представляют Jagger Hall!
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    Ближайшие мероприятия в Jagger Hall!!!


    JAGGER представляет:


    Специальный гость: группа ЛЕПРИКОНСЫ!

    JAGGER представляет самый теплый, самый музыкальный и самый красивый Новый Год, ставший для многих такой же традицией, как мандарины и оливье — на этот раз — в стиле величайшего блокбастера советских времен — «КАРНАВАЛЬНАЯ НОЧЬ«!

    Сказочные персонажи, Tribute Cover Bands, конкурсы с подарками, группа ЛЕПРИКОНСЫ и 2 этажа чистого Новогоднего веселья — только для гостей JAGGER!

    Winter Veranda Is Rocking!

    Работают 2 этажа!

    LIVE Music & Tribute Cover Bands All Night Long!

    DJ’s Roadie, Will Rock, Aks, Woof

    Start at 22:00!

    Entrance: 1000 rub. deposit card for girls, 3000 rub. deposit card for boys.

    +7 (985) 764-11-99

    Рочдельская 15, стр. 30 — Трехгорная Мануфактура.